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Why should you protect your brand?


A registered trademark is a huge value for your company. Without trademark protection, it is easy for others to free ride on the value you have created with your brand.

Proof of ownership

Registering your trademark gives you an official proof of ownership for your name. Your name is the unique recognition for your company, products and services. The ownership should be clear and defined. Protecting it is important!


Registering your trademark gives you the sole right of usage within the defined classes. Set your brand apart from the competition and gain an exclusive right to profit from it.

Our easy 3-step-registration procedure

Step by Step guide on how EUCTM protects business trademarks

Feasibility study

Before registering a trademark, we verify if the desired trademark meets the required criteria. To provide you the best possible result, we will first learn about your business. You will receive the feasibility study and recommendations from our experienced team within 48 hours.

Feasibility Study to check if a trademark can be protected

Classes of goods and services definition

The better the classes are defined, the higher the protection and the value of your trademark.  Trademarks use the nice classification, which includes 45 main classes of goods and services, including several thousands of sub-classes.

Registering the trademark at the EUIPO is the last step to protect your business

Trademark registration

Before starting the registration process, our team will prepare a draft submission for your final approval. Once approved, we will file the trademark registration on your behalf and we assist you on every aspect during the registration process. Once the trademark is registered, you have full ownership of the trademark for the next 10 years.

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Define classes of the business to provide the best protection for the trademark

Needed for every industry


Whether you are running your own eCommerce website or you are using a marketplace such as Amazon, eBay or others, you should protect your name.


Every company should protect their product and/or company names. It takes years for companies building a trustful relation with their customers using their names.


One of the first questions investors are asking startups is about the protection of values. Protecting the names of their projects is mandatory for every startup.


It just takes 3 minutes
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    Feasibility study/Pre-registration check
  • Similarity check
  • Results in 48 hours latest
  • Easy request

Design mark registration

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  • Full service at fix costs
  • Registration in the whole EU for 5 years
  • Locarno classes definition
  • Logo Protection
    EUCTM Customer Account

EUCTM customer account

With our easy-to-use Software, you can keep track of your protected brands 24/7. You will also have access to all important documents with the click of a finger. Manage your existing trademarks and communicate easily with our team of experts.

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Trademark Monitoring

When you own a trademark, you are responsible for enforcing trademark rights, including monitoring your trademark. The EUIPO is only responsible for assessing applications and registering marks, but they do not verify if the same or a similar name has already been registered.

If we monitor your trademark, it gives you the possibility to oppose against the registration of the same or a similar mark.

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Monitoring trademarks to secure nobody copies your business

What is in it for me

Why choose us and not someone else? Well why don't you have a look for yourself.


Initial risk assessment
~ 150,- € per hour
Fix price 99,-€
Registration only
Scope of services provided
Registration, Litigation support, Monitoring
1-2 countries only
We cover the whole EU (National offices & EUIPO)
Lengthy and often unclear
Registration process
Simple online 3-step process
Application success rate
Pricing structure
Unclear with hidden fees
Transparent, fixed prices
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Glad we have some of our customers taking the word for us. Why don't you listen what they have to say about EUCTM and our services.

Every lawyer I went to told me I can't protect the Giftable trademark. EUCTM told me I can and they did it! Don't trust anyone except these guys, they are amazing!

Client Michel Hoffmann from the brand Giftable

Michel Hoffmann

CEO @ Giftable

Great service, great protection and clear actions!

Client Wim Mans from the brand Gartenlüx

Wim Mans

CEO @ Gartenlüx