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Protect your clients, increase your revenue and improve your offer.

Why partner with EUCTM?

High Rate Commission Scheme
Commissions go from 10-20% on generated top-line revenue
Lead Generation based on territory
Incoming requests from clients near you? You got them!
Partner management, onboarding and enablement training
Clearly structured management environment - from onboarding to fulfillment.
Marketing Development Funds ( co-marketing initiatives )
Invite-only co-marketing initiatives to grow your portfolio of clients
Website listing as a trusted partner
Credibility and trust established by joining a strong partnership network
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Who is This Program For?

EUCTM�s partnership program is not for everyone. We are a small team and thus are looking for quality partnerships. Our scouts are putting a lot of time and effort in to identify the right partners. Here are some of the criteria we consider at this time.

Type of business

Whether you are in advertising, brading, marketing, web development or a general creative and design agency - this program is for you! Also advisory and consulting businesses, startup incubators and accelerators and company formation and account companies should apply.


You are definitely the right fit if you are based within the European Union or in some cases even on the European continent. We currently cannot serve other continents with our partnership program.

Track-record & maturity

During the application process, we are considering your track-record and maturity of your business. We understand that our program may be of interest for smaller agencies, we prefer however working with companies of a certain size based on our experience.

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Become a Partner - a 3 Step Process

Increase your revenue by protecting your clients.

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1. Application form
Fill out the online application form and schedule your free introductory call with our onboarding team. They are going to want to know more about you and your business.
2.�Internal Review Committee
Based on your application and the feedback received from the onboarding consultant our Review Committee will make a decision. Fingers crossed!
3. Onboarding, Learning & Sales
After a successful review, you are going to get introduced to your account manager who will help you with your proper onboarding, help you go through the learning process and get your set up for success in selling trademarks.

We are already working for the big guys

How do I become partner?

We don't bite we promise! Why don't just have a chat with us.

To apply for our partner program, just fill out our application form. We will have a look and maybe schedule a call with you if we still have some open questions. Our review-comitee will then decide if it's a match made in heaven. Don't worry, I am sure you will fit perfectly.

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  • Multiple partnership tiers
  • Detailed information material
  • Uncomplicated approach
  • High margins
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Don't just take our word for it

Adding trademarks to our offer was the right thing to do; oftentimes our clients were baffled by the impact and credibility. Most of our clients did not even know why registering their trademark was so important!

Client Michel Hoffmann from the brand Giftable

Thomas Mitchel

Sales Manager @ CRT

We love the fact that you are open for suggestions and that you are constantly improving your fulfillment process. The transparency and time you invest in explaining everything to us is unparalleled.

Client Wim Mans from the brand Gartenl�x

Barbara Schmitt

CEO @ Mobaha

The EUCTM partnership is a lot of fun. Working with you guys is delightful. Even our clients tell us that the support we�ve given them through this partnership and also in partnership with you guys is amazing!

Client Michel Hoffmann from the brand Giftable

James Gedo

Sales Director @ Instano
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